Keep it Real Sessions – muse & mirror eng


Inspiration for your next couple shooting and your business 

More than four hours of video tutorial on wedding and couple photography with one of the most inspiring and unusual wedding photographer couples in the German-speaking world. Away from current trends Ronja and Victor have found their niche and explain to us how and why their concept works. They do a lot of things fundamentally different than the industry preaches and exemplifies. 

Muse & Mirror are not only artists behind the camera but also real business people.  How do they manage to generate high returns for their work? We get a detailed insight into their pricing and learn which methods they consider meaningful and effective in their „sales processes“. 

Why is the sale of albums so important and how do you convince customers to spend 4-digit amounts on them? Muse & Mirror take us into their world and at the end of the day these are really down-to-earth and comprehensible strategies which they reveal to us. 

Live Shooting 

If you’re interested in an honest look behind the scenes of the classy, somewhat mysterious and elegant dark style of Victor and Ronja, you’ve come to the right place. We accompany them during a photoshoot. Nothing is planned and everything happens out of the situation. With many explanations and a deep insight into their approach. 


Postproduction & Editing

Muse & Mirror rely on Capture One and Photoshop for postproduction. What are the advantages over a program like Lightroom? Victor gives us a basic workshop in Capture One and shows us how they process their pictures. It’s surprisingly simple. 


All videos are streamed and have both German and English subtitles. 


Part 1: The Interview and Part 2: Marketing 

  • Marketing for wedding photography 
  • In Person Sales 
  • Album sales 
  • Pricing 

Part 3: Shooting 

  • scouting Locations
  • Seeing, understanding and using light 
  • Posing and dealing with models 
  • The use of flashes during portrait shootings 
  • Technical aids to support your visual language 

 Part 4 – Postproduction 

  • Introduction to Capture One 
  • Editing with Capture One 
  • Image processing / optimization with Photoshop 
  • Album Design 

muse & mirror video workshop

stream of 206 minutes tutorial for wedding and portrait photogpraphers